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Xeloron is a specialized, external sales agency focused on deal generation and ready-to-sell lead generation for small Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cybersecurity companies, and IT service providers.

At Xeloron, our human-driven approach underpins our ability to generate substantial leads and deals for your MSP business. Harnessing our team’s expertise in sales psychology, strategic planning, and an extensive industry network, we prioritize establishing a genuine fit between your solutions and your potential customers. This approach ensures an authentic and meaningful connection with prospects, paving the way for enhanced sales performance.

We use a consultative selling approach, focusing on understanding the specific needs and pain points of a business, then tailoring our sales strategy to address them. This approach ensures that we deliver maximum value to our clients.

Xeloron specializes in serving small MSPs, Cybersecurity companies, and IT service providers.


Yes, absolutely. We believe in transparency and therefore provide regular updates and detailed reports on our sales activities and the results achieved.

Xeloron stands apart through our team’s profound expertise, deep-rooted industry understanding, and our commitment to meaningful, tangible outcomes. What truly sets us apart is our unique human-driven approach. By blending specialized industry expertise with advanced, psychology-informed sales strategies, we ensure that we connect your solutions with the right prospects. This human-first methodology enables us to deliver superior results by fostering genuine and impactful connections.

While it’s not reasonable to guarantee results without fully understanding your company and its unique context, our confidence in our services is rock solid. We’ve seen our clients get leads swiftly, and deals usually follow within the first quarter. However, we believe in showing our commitment to your success. If no deal materializes within the first six months, we offer the next three months of our service for free. That’s how much we believe in what we do.

Absolutely. We can complement your existing sales team by providing additional deal generation and lead generation capacity. We can also provide insights and recommendations to help optimize your internal sales processes.

You can get started by booking a call with us through our website. We would be delighted to understand your needs and explore how we can help boost your sales performance.